Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Fast Leveling Guide (2023)

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Fast Leveling Guide (1)
Want to know how to level fast in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? Use this Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Fast Leveling Guide to help get your overall level way up, really quickly. Included are ways of leveling each individual skill as quickly as possible.

Using the following techniques will allow you to increase your overall level very quickly, this guide is also useful if you wish to level an individual skill up quickly. Make sure to get the blessing from the appropriate Star-Sign stone before attempting to level any one specific skill, the +20% experience bonus is priceless. Check out our Stone Guide to find the best buffs for the best activities. You can also check our Trainer Guide if you want the really easy route.

Skyrim Fast Leveling Guide – How To Level Combat Skills Fast

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Fast Leveling Guide (2)

Easy Combat Skills
** Slight Dark Brotherhood spoiler**
After you have got Shadowmere from quest-line you can back him up to a wall and continuously beat him with your weapon. I like to use a plain iron weapon for this to not do to much damage. Shadowmere has allot of hp and an insane hp regen rate so you can pound him without caution. He will not attack back and you can ride him after the beating. Leveled my one hand last night about 50 points in an hour.

How to level Block Fast
For Block try and find a wolf on its own, if you follow the path from Riverwood towards Bleak Falls Barrow you will come to a bend in the path with a hollowed tree, position yourself in the tree facing out with shield raised and allow the wolf (also found there) to attack you (they attack very quickly which is better for leveling)the tree will stop the wolf circling you and avoiding your shield. You may need to heal a little between bouts but once you reach level 30ish in block the wolf wont be able to do further damage. Feel free to tape down your block button and go make coffee.

How To Level Archery Fast
Archery goes up pretty easy by itself, but if you obtain the Dragon Shout “Aura Whisper”, you can see where any wild enemy is within a certain distance. Put your sneak on, and arrow those enemies. They might not see you within the first hit or two, so you may be able to kill them without being noticed, effectively leveling up sneak and bow.

Skyrim Fast Leveling Guide – How To Level Crafting Skills Fast

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Fast Leveling Guide (3)

How to Level Enchantment Fast
Use your iron daggers from smithing-leveling for enchanting-leveling! It’s just hard to get the soul gems… the fastest way I discovered was checking all the traders (for lesser/petty) in Winterhold College, sleep 24/48h and do it again and a good way to get soul gems is to give your companion all your low level gems common, lesser and petty. Then give them a weapon with soul trap they will do the work for you hope this helps

How to level Smithing Fast
The quickest way to level Smithing is to create Iron Daggers. Using the Blacksmith Whiterun, purchase Iron Ingots from her, and buy the leather too. You can then use these materials to create Iron Daggers over and over, sell them back to her and then rest 24 hours to repeat the same process. This can be expensive but Gold is easy to come by in Skyrim. You can also use this method to make easy gold, check out our Guide

Skyrim Fast Leveling Guide – How To Level Magic Skills Fast

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Fast Leveling Guide (4)

Level Any Mage Skill Quickly
Enchant a necklace/ring/armor/helmet so that the spells will require 0 magicka and you can just continually cast any spell that you have the magicka for. Takes 30-40 minutes to get to 100 in most magic skills.

Easy Conjuration
Get any bound weapon spell from any wizard who sells spells. Then get yourself some magicka regen items and find an enemy. Then just glitch the enemy somewhere or stand where he cant hit you and keep resummoning your bound weapon. 1-100 in less then 30 mins.

How to Level Illusion Fast
This is one of the easiest skills to level, all you need is a calm spell. These can be purchased from most magical vendors. Find an NPC, preferably in a small room or one that doesn’t move much, I used someone sitting on a Throne. Keep casting it on the NPC, rest for one hour when it gets low and repeat over and over again. This is free, easy and a great way to increase your overall level. Another method of leveling Illusion is to get the Muffle spell, it is available to purchase in whiterun from the court wizard. Muffle is a self-cast that only takes 2-3 casts per level while your Illusion skill is below 50, and can take you up to lvl 100. Can be cast repeatedly while out adventuring. Thanks to Guest Hero SkyrimNoob

Buy or obtain and equip courage a novice level spell. equip it to both hands and cast it repeatedly on any npc it does no damage so they wont really care. it will take about 40 min to get to 100. Thanks to Guest Hero Dante

How to Level Restoration and Alteration Fast
So I know how to get restoration and alteration up fairly easy. Just drain health for mana using Equilibrium and heal using Heal. Gets easier as you gain levels due to skill perks and adding gear.

Skyrim Fast Leveling Guide – How To Level Thief Skills Fast

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Fast Leveling Guide (5)

How to level Pickpocketing Fast

Console Only
When pick pocketing and stealing arrows,they stay in the NPCs inventory as long as you don’t leave that screen, allowing you to repeatedly steal the same arrows from them. Also, if you use the trigger button to “equip” the item straight out of their inventory, they are less likely to catch you then if you just press x. Find a guard, steal his arrows till you gain a couple of levels and then save the progress and pickpocket him again, this time I add the arrows back into his inventory and begin stealing them again. The more arrows you steal at a time the more XP gained, so just add more arrows as you get a higher skill level. Every now and then he will catch you, just reload. Another benefit of the glitch being with arrows: the don’t weigh anything. The heavier an item is the harder it is to steal, and you gain more experience for stealing larger numbers of things. So you can drop 50+ arrows into his inventory and gain a level every 1 to 2 presses of the button up to skill level 50.

If you can find a Skill Trainer that can become your companion, you can pay for skill to be leveled and then pickpocket the money back from your companion. You can do this without pickpocketing, simply by trading with them. But this is an easy way to level up your Pickpocketing skill. Find a dark area and ask your companion to wait, then go from there. To find Trainers that can also be companions, check our Trainer Guide

How to Level Sneak Fast
You can check our other Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim How To Level Sneak Fast Guide

Go to High Hrothgar where the Grey Beards are. turn the difficulty up and hit the greybeards in the back while hidden. in the early levels you will get ONE LEVEL PER HIT!!!! the later ones take as much as six you can get to 100 in ten minutes. Using the Thief Stone and Marriage buff can make this even faster.

Sneak, go to Falkreath and run to the Jarls house, there are two guards stationed outside the door, pick the one on the right of the door and hide behind him in the corner with the bits of wood, enter sneak mode and wrap your controller cable around the pad so you are stuck backwards walking. Go and do something else for a few hours. You can probably do this in lots of places, but i know this location works well because the guard is extra vigilant in his guarding duties and doesn’t wander off in search of Skooma.

How To Level Lockpicking Fast
For quick lock picking do the thieves guild quest line until you get the skeleton lockpick(unbreakable). Don’t do the quest, go find a locked chest, put the pick in a position where you know it won’t unlock and hold the joystick to attempt to unlock while your lockpick gains.

Skyrim Fast Leveling Guide – How To Level other Skills Faster

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Fast Leveling Guide (6)

How to level Speechcraft Fast
To get speech to 100 in about 40 mins max, travel to Riften and go to black-briar meadery, once inside speak to Ungrien and ask him “tell me about maven black-briar” then choose “come on, get the truth off your chest” (persuade) you can then simply keep tapping A until you reach level 100! You need a minimum of level 25 for the persuade to work if you want to use this technique. If you don’t have level 25 yet you have to pay him the 21 gold. You can pickpocket it from him straight after so it’s still a great technique to level to 100 Speechcraft.

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